Schofield Gordons Champions


Owner: Robert Schmidt


2007 1st Place Tie Brood bitch of the Year
2007 Top Producer–Dam of Six Champions

MadisonVeteranSweeps2011_450Maddy had a very busy three-year schedule starting at the 1999 GSCA National Specialty with two placements and one leg on her JH title. Maddy went on to win her conformation Championship in October 2001, and earned her Master Hunter title in October 2002 at age 3-1/2.

Madison20051stInClass450At age 5, she was bred to DC Sun-Yak Spelbnds Heaven Scent (“E.T.”) and whelped 9 puppies, which produced six champions. At age 7, she was bred to DC Indian Sky Spelbnds Superman (“Flyer”), whelped 8 puppies, from which there are already five champions.

Maddy won two #1 Hunting Bitch and one #1 Brood Bitch placements at the GSCA National Specialty along with #1 Hunting Bitch, #1 Brood Bitch, and BOS wins at the 2006 Midwest Specialty.

I thank everyone who assisted Maddy in her accomplishments, and also congratulate and thank the owners of those wonderful dogs who have made this award possible. Maddy passed away on October 20th, 2011. She was 12-1/2 years old and will be missed greatly.

Maddy’s Story

I was born on April 19, 1999 in Southfield, Michigan with six brothers and sisters. Virginia Kick was my mommy who whelped and took care of us for eight weeks when my new daddy Robert Schmidt from Las Vegas, Nevada came to pick me out and adopted me where I started my journey in life. I immediately became a part of his family where I met my new playmate and mentor, Montana D’ Butte. Butte was a strange color; actually he was a Golden Retriever who was extremely smart and playful. My daddy took Butte hunting, but I never got to go out in the field with him because his work ethics were different than my dad had planned for me. I had to get my show champion certificate before I could go hunting pheasant, chucker and quail.

I was introduced to Linda Sanders when I was five months old and Linda said I was pretty and could be a show dog. She talked my dad into letting her show me at the 1999 GSCA Specialty in Southern Ca. when I was just six months old. I won 2nd in Sweeps, 2nd in 6 to 9 Mo. Class and earned my first leg on J.H. My dad and Linda thought I was pretty and good. A few months later I had a JH behind my name. My dad said I was getting important. We were both novices, so what did we really know what was in store for my future.

My dad introduced me to Kathy Grayson who groomed and showed me in Nevada, Arizona, Southern Ca. and Northern California. In January 2001, Kathy entered me in the GSCA National Specialty in Palm Springs, Ca. The first day the judge didn’t give me even one look, however the second day that judge asked Kathy, what happen to my coat and Kathy’s response was, her dad takes her hunting and left my coat in the field. This nice judge from Livingston, Montana said, well she’s the best here and she wins. Later I found out, I won a five point major.

My dad entered me in the GSCA Nationals at the Purina Farms in Missouri, where I didn’t win anything however I got to see Virginia Kick who brought me to this planet earth. I had a photograph taken with her which is a part of my memorabilia. The exciting thing that took place at that time was I met my first boyfriend ET who had won several major wins at that National. I didn’t realize at that time that he would be my boy friend and give me five boys and three girls on September 27th 2004 of which GCH Schofield Highlander Hopi, Ch Schofield Money Talks “Cheyenne” and Schofield Showgirl “Viva” lived with me at the Schofield Kennels. My dad said I was special so I got to live in the house throughout my entire life.

In October 2001 Kathy Grayson took me to the Black Mountain Kennel Club show in Las Vegas where I won BOW two days in succession and also a BOS and I then had Ch. in front of my name with JH behind my name. I thought I had accomplished everything, but my dad had other plans for me. He said there is more and before I knew it, I was in Mancelona, Michigan with Walt and Delores Furesz and a German Shorthair for my play mate. That’s what I thought, but Walt told me this GS was my mentor. Well, in October 2002, I had the initials changed from JH to SH. That was a step up the ladder. I then went home for the holidays and in March of 2003 my dad took me back to Walt and Delores home for my Master Hunt Title. Walt took me to several Southern Michigan hunt test and two trips to Joliet, Illinois where I earned a Master Hunt Title. My dad was really proud of me. He could present me forever with Ch before and MH after my name. In 2004 we sort of rested but did a lot of Pheasant, Chucker and Quail hunting. I loved it, for I got to hunt, honor and retrieve those birds back to my dad’s hand. We both had so much fun.

In 2005 we went to the GSCA Nationals where I won number one hunting bitch. My dad had planned a big year for me in 2006. We were going to the Midwest Specialty and GSCA National Specialty in Ohio however before we arrived we stopped off at Jessie Chapman’s kennels where I had a fling with ET’s son, Flyer. I knew I was in season, but I didn’t know I was going to rob the cradle with that youngster. After that late night out, my dad took me to a nice hotel where we rested for two days before going on to the Midwest Specialty followed by the GSCA Nationals. At the Midwest Specialty, the judge gave me number one Hunting Bitch, # 1 Brood Bitch with my sons Hopi and Robbie and then gave me BOS. I also placed at the GSCA National Specialty the following day. August 8, 2006 I gave birth to five boys and three girls of which Ch. Schofield Take Me To D’ Limit JH “Ava stayed with me and my dad. Dr. Steve Brinn who adopted one of my sons came to see me many times.

In 2007 at the GSCA National Specialty in Oconomowar, Wisconsin, the judge gave me Number one Hunting Bitch and the GSCA gave me Brood Bitch and Top Producer of the year. Thank you GSCA. Along with my dad taking me hunting, 2007, it was a banner year. Before the 2008 hunting season, we went to the GSCA Nationals in Gettysburg, Pa. and I was first in the 9 – 10 Veteran Sweepstakes and the GSCA also gave me another Brood Bitch of the Year. I pass these awards on to my girl, Viva’s daughters Birtie and Fannie and AVA’s daughters Prissy and Kissy. (see there web pages)

Two Thousand Ten I didn’t feel good and was diagnosed with cancer, even though my dad entered me in the GSCA National Specialty, at Greeley, Co., I could not attend. However my caretaker Lee Watkins found this wonderful supplement and gave me one every day which gave me a new life. I could show, hunt and have fun again, so in 2011, I was ready for the GSCA Nationals in Canfield, Ohio where I won number one, 11 – 13 yr. Veteran Sweepstakes. It was so much fun, because I saw my grand kids, Schofield Here Comes Four Seasons Birtie win Best in Sweeps and Schofield Here Comes Cosmo’s Jackpot, “Jack” win Best Of Opposite in Sweeps. I also got to see Schofield Here Comes The Encore “Cory”, Schofield Here Comes Treasure Isles Jewel “Jewels”, Schofield Here Comes Mandalay Bay, “Madie” and Schofield Here Comes The Hard Rock “Rocky” win placements. How exciting.

I want to thank Linda Sanders, Kathy Grayson, Bonnie DeMille, Eileen Hackett, Chris Kirby, Greg McCarthy, Sally White, Barbara Young-Tompkinson and Jessica Clark for handling me and all my successors in the ring over my twelve and one half year career to win all those awards and placements. I apologize if I have missed anyone.

October has always been a very special month for me. On October 20th 2011 I departed planet earth and joined my mom, dad and littermates, but left all my kids and grand kids with the gift of showing and hunting abilities where they too will pass on to their offspring.

Madison, I love and will miss you forever. You will always be in my memories.

Your Dad, Robert Schmidt

I leave you with this message:


We have a secret, you and I, That no one else shall know, For who, but I can see you lie, Each night, in fireglow! And who but I can reach my hand, Before we go to bed, And feel the living warmth of you and touch your silken Head? And only I walk woodland paths, And see, ahead of me, Your black form racing with the wind, So young again and free. And only I can see you swim, In every brook I pass. And, when I call, no one but I can see the bending grass.


2011 GSCA National Specialty


Madison and Robert in the field


2009 GSCA Nationals/Eukanuba #2 Brood Bitch



2008 1st Place in Class Veteran Sweepstakes


2008 GSCA Nationals 2nd Place
Brood Bitch by Viva and Hopi


2006 Madison Pregnant


08/08/06 Madison gives birth to 8 puppies


2005 GSCA #1 Hunting Bitch


2007 #1 Hunting Bitch


Midwest Specialty 2006 #1 Brood Bitch with
Hopi and Robie


Midwest Specialty BOS 2006


2006 GSCA Specialty #1 Brood Bitch